Expanded Sequence Example

Sequence mode with all steps presented, but available step-by-step with an unchangeable fixed product


✅ Horizontal carousel view


✅ «Extra Product Options» plugin is supported!

Ritchey Superlogic Carbon Evo Curve

Ø31.8 matt black

Ritchey WCS Carbon Evo Curve

Ø31.8 matt black

Oxygen Scorpo Comfort

U.D. Finish
Ø31.8 shiny

Oxygen Scorpo Anatomic

U.D. Finish
Ø31.8 matt


✅ Use image swatches to style variations

Bottle Cage

✅ Can choose a few products from that step

Thumbnail Title Price To cart
Bottle Cage Scorpo SL

Customers choice!

Bottle Cage Scorpo SL 2.0

Good for all

Bottle Cage Oxygen Cage Schwarz

Professional quality